Getting ready for a baby

The question I keep getting asked the most is, “Are you ready for the baby?”

I don’t know how to answer that. Can one ever REALLY be ready for their lives to change forever? This isn’t like I’m getting ready for a wedding. This isn’t like I’m packing for college. This is a baby. A live being that will be mine for the rest of my life. My whole world is about to change!

Although I don’t believe you can ever really be ready for the baby, I’m trying my best to be as prepared as I can be. I have cooked frozen meals, packed a hospital bag, cleaned, organized, had Tim install the car seat, built baby items, shopped too much, and carried a baby for 9 months!

What else do I have to do? A lot. My list is never ending. It’s kinda how I felt when teaching. I never could get to the bottom of the to do list. In the next few days I’d like to: clean some more, ¬†make lactation cookies (I never thought those words would come out of my mouth!), make padsicles (I also never thought THOSE words would come out of my mouth!), stock up on last minute supplies, spend sometime with Tim, and Oh! GIVE BIRTH!

The one thing I’m so excited about is having Drew meet his brothers Ike and Geno. I had a dog, Panda, until I was 7. I love looking at older pictures of me spending time with him. Panda was such an awesome big brother to me and I know Ike and Geno will be to Drew. I imagine it being 3 (Ike, Geno, Drew) vs. 2 (Me and Tim). It will probably be a shit show but a beautiful shit show. You wouldn’t believe how many people have told me that we should get rid of the dogs for the baby. My kid might come before my dogs but I can’t imagine them not being part of my life. They love kids and I know Drew will have a special bond with them!

If anyone is interested in the freezer meals I made, even if you aren’t about to have a baby, here is the list. I think I have about a months worth of dinners in my freezer. I look forward to doing a freezer meal or two a week after the baby comes to keep up the supply. It’ll make dinner time so much easier. (I only made the stuffing to freeze. I will buy fresh peppers when we are ready to eat)

My mom’s homemade Chicken Noodle Soup. (Thanks Mom!!)

Also, a regular homemade chili recipe

And just for fun- Here is a picture of the sweet boys.

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